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?Suction dog toy Material:

Made of natural cotton fiber and non-toxic rubber and color, soft and non-toxic, durable and wear-resistant, perfect for dogs
Durable: Has a strong suction base and thick braided cord to withstand any tension from stretching. No matter how hard your dog pulls on the toy, the toy won’t break or fall off, and it can even handle aggressive chews. It will give your dog hours of fun as he/she tries to figure out what this mysterious, super powerful toy is

?Suction dog toy Cleans Teeth:

The rough pattern on the rubber ball provides a better grip, and chewing on it promotes your dog’s dental hygiene and health. Add some dog-friendly toothpaste to clean your dog’s teeth while they play. You can also encourage your dog to play with it by adding a bit of their favorite food like peanut butter
Correcting improper use of teeth: Most dogs, especially puppies, like to bite.

That means chewing on paper, furniture, and even sore ankle bites. This rope ball suction tug toy meets their biting needs and teaches them what to bite and what not to bite
Helps train your dog: This pup  tug toy also provides a great way to teach your dog self-control and improve their behavior. Set rules for when and how much they can play it, and encourage them when they pull it, and teach them to stop when you tell them to. The physical exertion involved in this game can also exhaust and calm the aggressive dog


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