Sofa protector dog bed


This Sofa Protector Dog Bed is designed with pet anxiety in mind while protecting your couch from pet hair/smells and scratches.

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How Do You Choose The Best Sofa Protector Dog Bed?

Great for dogs who like to snuggle and sleep. The raised edge provides security and support for the head and neck Relieves anxiety – it also provides security, and the soft faux fur is reminiscent of its mother’s fur, conveying calmness and relaxation. Protect your sofa or bed – furniture is expensive, so why not keep it in good condition? Scratches and tears are prevented and stains are avoided thanks to the 100% waterproof base. SUPER SOFT AND HYPOALLERGIC FABRIC – The material has been specially designed to not cause allergic reactions and irritations EASY TO CLEAN – Machine washable thanks to the removable interior. Works in every situation – take it wherever you want and use it in every situation and on every surface.

Do you love your dog but not the hair, dirt, scratches and mess he leaves on the couch or bed? You don’t know what to do because your old sheets or blankets are ugly, they slip off and don’t keep liquids out? We are here to help! With a non-slip design and bottom, this bed blanket will protect your bed/sofa from hair, dirt and liquids without slipping off. Also, it allows you to give your friend a place next to you where he can rest in complete relaxation.

This bed is designed with padded cushioning to provide your pet with a comfortable place to rest. Comes with a pull-out sofa cover.


Size Outer Diameter Inner Dameter
XS 60x50cm 40x40cm
S 70x65cm 50x50cm
M 80x75cm 60x60cm
L 90x80cm 70x70cm
XL 105x95cm 84x84cm
XXL 115x95cm 100x84cm

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Hand Wash





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Pet Mat 092

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Beds & Sofas

Is Smart Device





100% Cotton



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Pet sofa bed

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