Do all dogs really go to heaven?

 Shawn Larson - Admin    06 Sep 2017 : 08:16


If you have had your pet pass away it can be difficult. Its times like this you may ponder whether you will see your pet again. So did I...

Have you ever wondered if your favorite dog Fido or Cat Mittens will ever enter the pearly gates? There have been dialogs for years on whether pets have souls (or spirits) Come explore this with us. 

There are a variety of traditions regarding the afterlife in various belief systems.  Since I am a Christian, I will explore it through a Christian worldview and allow those of other faiths who can do a much better job at explaining their philosophy/theology to do so.

This topic can be a touchy one because generally people who are looking for articles like this one on whether animals go to heaven are devastated after the loss of a pet.   It is a painful process to lose a pet.  Sometimes our pets can be the closest living being we have.  Having lost a pet, let me say to you if you are searching on the internet for some insight I am so very sorry for your loss and will do my best to answer some questions in the most sympathetically way possible.